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Loose-Fill Dispensers

Durable, rot resistant canvas bag has reinforced flexible tubing attached.  Squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanuts.

  • Dispenses all types of loose fill.
  • Mounts to warehouse ceiling.
  • Includes rope and two pulleys.
  • Minimum ceiling height is based on a 30″ high packing table with a 24″ working area between the table and the scissor valve.

Dispensers are available for immediate shipment direct from manufacturer

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Loose-Fill Dispensers

Sold in single dispenser quantities

L x W x H Size Min. Ceiling Height
Price Per Dispenser
1 3
Quantity Add To Cart
40 x 40 x 48" 30 Cubic Feet 10' 3"
$ 198 $ 181
60 x 60 x 88" 140 Cubic Feet 14'
304 279