SP-9900 Portable Strapping System

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SP-9900 Portable Strapping System

  • » Portable design allows strapper to be used anywhere
  • » Bayonet sends strap through the center of the pallet to avoid abrasion against the
  • ground
  • » Easy-to-use controls make operation simple and increases productivity
  • » Dependable design provides years of reliable service with low maintainance

The Saturn SP-9900 is engineered for flexibility. It straps pallets quickly, easily, and securely anywhere in your plant. Simply push the strapping arm into the pallet andloop the strap over. Insert the strap into the seal head and in less than two seconds it automatically tensions and heat seals the strap to secure the load.

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 30 × 50 in