Picture Frame Boxes

Picture Frame Boxes
These cartons open along the ends for easy insertion of frames, mirrors and other flat products.

Full-overlap flaps provide extra stacking strength and edge protection.

Boxes are sold in bundle quantities and ship flat to save on storage space and shipping.

BS360542FOLHD36 x 5 x 42" Heavy Duty Side Loading Boxes5.415.415.415.415.41
BS360536FOL36 x 5 x 36" Side Loading Boxes3.713.403.142.872.66
BS360530FOL36 x 5 x 30" Side Loading Boxes2.762.762.762.762.76
BS360524FOL36 x 5 x 24" Side Loading Boxes2.762.642.452.252.11
BS300530FOL30 x 5 x 30" Side Loading Boxes1.861.861.861.861.86
BS300524FOL30 x 5 x 24" Side Loading Boxes1.861.861.861.861.86
BS240524FOL24 x 5 x 24" Side Loading Boxes2.131.941.781.661.57
BS240518FOL24 x 5 x 18" Side Loading Boxes1.
BS200860FOLHD20 x 8 x 60" Heavy Duty Side Loading Boxes10.539.578.838.107.70
BS200850FOLHD20 x 8 x 50" Heavy Duty Side Loading Boxes6.636.636.636.636.63