Customized Machinery – Hay Production

Customized for the industry

Many businesses find themselves in highly competitive markets and are always looking for ways to get the competitive edge; provided that it comes at the right price, of course. That’s why Wulftec offers a complete range of affordable options that allow end-users to custom build a machine that will meet their exact needs.

Customized Machinery - Hay Production

Wulftec offers a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping systems made to measure to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether or not you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s always a good time to plan for success.

There are many options available for maximum flexibility:

  • Cold or warm temperature package
  • 30″ film carriage
  • Rotation speed increase
  • Automatic film cut and wipedown
  • Elevating pop-up
  •  Top platen
  • Power sealer
  • and more…

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