Customized Stretch Wrap Machines for the Produce and Fresh Food Industries

Customized for the industry

Many businesses find themselves in highly competitive markets and are always looking for ways to get the competitive edge; provided that it comes at the right price, of course. That’s why Wulftec offers a complete range of affordable options that allow end-users to custom build a machine that will meet their exact needs.

Customized Machinery - Produce and Fresh Food Production

Condensation: Roping allows condensation to leave the pallet, consequently protecting your packaged merchandise and other packaging items (labels, printed display cartons).

Cooling: Roping allows palletized products to cool evenly. Reduce cooling costs!

Spoilage: Fully wrapped pallets block air circulation and prevent moisture from escaping, thus increasing the likelihood of spoilage.

Waste Reduction: Roping actually uses less material than standard film web and other unitizing products.

Labor Savings: Up to 50% reduction in wrap time adds up to increased labor savings!

Traditional Stretch Film: Roped stretch film can replace other costly methods of unitization.

Web or Rope width can be adjusted to fit your needs with uniquely designed roping bars and can easily be converted back to full web wrapping for maximum flexibility.

Specially designed 20 or 30 Film Carriage takes a full web of film and gathers the film into a rope to provide a tightly wrapped pallet load and maximum air circulation.

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