Customized Machinery for Brick and Block Industries

Customized for the industry

Many businesses find themselves in highly competitive markets and are always looking for ways to get the competitive edge; provided that it comes at the right price, of course. That’s why Wulftec offers a complete range of affordable options that allow end-users to custom build a machine that will meet their exact needs.

Customized Machinery - Brick and Block Production

Wulftec offers a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping systems, made to measure to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether or not you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s always a good time to plan for success.

Heavy Duty Conveyors

Heavy loads need strong support. Wulftec® conveyors stand up to this challenge. Here are some of our conveyors’ characteristics:

  • 3/16″ wall tubing
  • 1 piece stub shafts machined from solid steel bars
  • Hardened sprocket teeth
  • 1″ diameter bearing shaft
  • Full weld around circumference of tube
  • Tubing machined at both ends to ensure concentricity

Roping, Knotting and Sealing

The combined “Rope & Wrap” pattern keeps the integrity of the package – allowing for safe load transportation. The film protects the load and provides stability and, due to the weight of the load, the “rope” provides strength and security.

Because of the load density, wipe down methods are not as effective as they should be. To avoid the film tail becoming loose during transport, we designed an automated device that ties both ends of the “rope”.

Another option is our Compact Clamp. This device seals the last two bottom layers together, bonding them solidly. An air blowing system takes care of the tail left at the beginning of the cycle and the film is cut next to the seal… thus eliminating film tail problems.

Both devices help reduce maintenance in this industrial environment.

Corner application

The method of corner application accurately detects the corner of each load.  Whether the loads vary in size or even if the load arrives skewed on the conveyor, Wulftec reliably places the corner time after time, load after load.  Reliability you can count on.

High throughput

No matter what is the throughput of your production line, Wulftec will match it. Our stretch wrappers can be fitted with one, two or four robotic arms depending on your speed requirements.

Options Available

There are many options available for maximum flexibility:

  • On the fly corner reloading trays
  • Top and bottom tab folding
  • Top Cap Applicator
  • Pop-up
  • Top Platen
  • And more…

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