Competitively-priced Low-Profile Turntable
  • 4,000 lbs. load weight capacity
  • NEMA 4/12 control panel dust tight and waterproof
  • Our control panel is UL508A approved
  • 100% Heavy duty structural steel construction
  • Readily available non-proprietary parts
  • State-of-the-art electrical control panel with all finger safe electrical components

The Wulftec Advantage


All-steel structures

Wulftec is the only manufacturer of stretch wrap equipment that attaches a significant importance to strength. We don’t want you calling in five years to tell us that the structure has been compromised—for whatever reason. All Wulftec structures are built with heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, in even the harshest work environments. They’re built strong to last forever.

AC variable frequency drives

The SML-50 is equipped with Allen Bradley Powerflex 523 series drives for lower maintenance and better reliability.

  1. AC motors do not require periodic inspection and replacement of brushes as required on DC motors.
  2. Allow soft start/stop for smooth operation.
  3. AC drives include a digital read-out, which allows monitoring of speed, current and voltage. Thus, fine tuning is made easier and more reliable compared to DC drive trim pots.
  4. AC drives include internal diagnosis, fault alarms and power surge protection.
  5. AC drive’s power components are enclosed inside a drive case, thus providing service personnel safer access inside the control panel.


Wulftec is the only manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME warranty on its pre-stretch rollers’ blue compound. Plus, all Wulftec stretch wrap machines feature a 5-year unlimited cycle warranty and 10-years on the steel structure.

Non-proprietary parts

Wulftec is one of the few manufacturers to offer the convenience of non-proprietary parts throughout, which means they are easily accessible on a local basis.


Machine Dimensions

·         118” L x 59” W


Load Size

·         50″L x 50″W (70.7” diagonal)


Load Weight

·         4,000 lbs.


Approx. Shipping Weight

·         1,800 lbs.


Electrical Requirements

·         120V/1/60 15A



·         24V control system

·         Current overload protection

·         NEMA 4/12 control cabinet

·         UL 508A certified control panel

·         Foot pedal controlled

·         Start/stop push button

·         Large Emergency Stop (push pull type)

·         Variable rotation speed (12 RPM) with automatic home position



·         58” dia. 3/8” steel plate

·         20 heavy duty non-metallic lube-free table supports

·         3” table height

·         2 3/8” high base

·         Ramp accessible on all three sides (consult factory when ordering more than one ramp)


Turntable Drive

·         0-12 RPM variable speed

·         1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive

·         #50 ANSI heavy duty chain drive

·         Electronic soft start/stop

·         Positive turntable alignment controlled by proximity sensor


Technical Information

·         The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings,           troubleshooting guide & installation instructions